Friday, January 13, 2012

A Little Magic ...

What happens when you put your pajamas on inside out, place a spoon under your pillow, do the chicken dance in front of the refrigerator, and chunk 2 ice cubes in the toliet and flush?  It snows! 

Simple magic...who needs a combination of warm air associated with an extratropical cyclone flowing up and over the cold air surrounding part of the cyclone, combined with abundant water vapor and falling ice particles...Who knew it was that simple!

And  too make it a little more magical, it snowed on Grandma and Grandpa's first day here in Tennessee (although they may not call it magical since we had been bragging about 60 degree weather here and they didn't bring coats) but now they have a 4 day weekend with the kids which should ease some of the weather disappointment!

So, to celebrate we pulled down our snow box we haven't had to open much since we left Montana and dug through all the clothes that all the kids except Meredith and John had out grown and put together a hodge podge of snow clothes for a few minutes of fun outside.

We discovered this hidden treasure in the corner of the of John's old baby blankets frozen where the kids had left it...

It makes a pretty good hat...but talk about brain freeze...

And then we headed inside because us eastern Tennessee folks are not  quite use to that much cold...

Where everyone hung up their snow gear...So, the next time you think you need a snow day, give it a try. 

P.S.  The more people you have wearing pjs, stashing spoons, flapping their wings, and flushing ice cubes, the more likely it is to work!  Just rememeber to take pictures!

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  1. Love the frozen blanket - Its always fun to see what treasures lie beneath.