Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jackson's Birthday

Jackson turned 6 on Sunday! 

He was pretty excited.  It was pretty low key (just the way we like it).  He loves dinosaurs and I found a 2 1/2 foot tall dinosaur at the store.  For his birthday shopping trip Jackson picked out a pop up dinosaur tent and insisted that he wear his dinosaur pjs.  I have to say, he was pretty happy with his Thomas the Train set from Grandma and Grandpa too!  ...So happy that everyone actually got dressed for church so they could play with the train set.

And then they decided to play with the balloons...

Let's pause here so you can admire my baking skills.  That's 4 lemon cakes scattered all over the kitchen counter.  That doesn't count the 2 lemon cakes I baked in the cast iron pan yesterday, that smelled like the tacos we cooked for dinner in the pan the night before.  For weeks, I planned to make Jackson a 3D dinosaur cake for his birthday, let's just say that might not have been my best idea.    I baked 6 cakes trying to make one  silly dinosaur cake.  Our kitchen looked like cake had exploded every where and that doesn't include the pan of cupcakes I  burnt.
So, I rethought my idea and then I  baked 2 more lemon cakes and this time I called  a professional engineer to cut out the parts for the dinosaur.  Because, really that's what you need.  So, thanks, James for be willing to help!  (Just a side note:  you can find instructions for this cake on http://www.instructables.com/id/3d-Dinosaur-Birthday-Cake/)

And voila...a 3d dinosaur cake...that looks sort of like a blue puppy...and looks sort of like he's in serious trouble from all those hungry dinosaurs surrounding him...

So, just to recap, Jackson turned 6, he  liked his cake (and so did Rex, the dinosaur) and we all had a roarin' good time!

6 reasons why we love this kid!

1.  He is so incredibly sweet! (As evident by the fact, that when he walked into the cake covered kitchen he told me he didn't care what the cake looked like he would love it anyway.)
2.  He's pretty silly!
3.  He's a great brother!
4.  He likes to help!
5.  He's kind and shares his toys (even his birthday ones)!
6.  He melts my heart!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jackson!!!  We love you!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Jackson! He's such a great kid! I love the dinosaur cake and I will tell you my kitchen looked just like that when I tried to make Brooke a princess birthday cake. Fun stuff!

  2. Happy Birthday Jackson! Great pics, and an awesome looking cake Sharea!!! :)

  3. Awww...Thanks for the nice comments! I think he's pretty neat too...Jackson that is not the dinosaur cake!