Saturday, August 27, 2011

John Turns 4!

One of these sweet kids  turned 4 today!

It wasn't this one...

or one of these two.

Nope.  It wasn't this cutie either.

It was this oh-so-sweet little guy!

He enjoyed opening presents and of course had some help from big brother Jackson

and sister Cardi.

"Wow!  Thanks, guys!"  He's kind like that!

Then it was off to play and take pictures with Mom

and Dad

I baked yummy lemon cream and strawberry cupcakes.

Here's a closer view..mmmmmm...yum!

At least Meredith thought they were yummy!

4 reasons why we LOVE LOVE LOVE this kid:
(1)  He makes us laugh!
(2)  He gives the best hugs!
(3)  He teaches us patience!
(4)  There is NEVER a dull moment with this kid!

We LOVE you, Johnny!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Friday, August 26, 2011


This is John.

He likes mud

and sand.

He's spunky, loud, sometimes totally disgusting and definite all boy.

And he melts my heart...and guess what?
He turns 4 tomorrow.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


It happened today that my normally sweet kindergartener refused to go to school.  "Kindergarten is boring.  I hate it.  I'm not going."  He said it so quietly I almost didn't hear him.  So he said it a little louder only this time he folded his arms as if that made it final. 

He had the "grumpies" which led to "ihatekindergartenitis."  All of our previous kindergarteners had it ~ it's sort of a rite of passage.   He refused  to pick out his clothes or put them on.  When he did put them on and didn't like them, we went through the process all over again until he missed the bus.  By the way, he "hates" the bus too and the playground and black olives and chocolate chip waffles...the list goes on and on. 

But then we made up.  I said, "I'm sorry I was grumpy" as I helped him   put on his shoe and he said he was sorry and then we hugged.  We loaded everyone up in the car and arrived at school 5 minutes later and everything was right with the world until I slid open the minivan door and my 5 year old said quietly "Mom, I told you I don't like kindergarten and I'm not going." 

He refused to walk and so Bella carried him across the parking lot and on to the sidewalk where he went limp and refused to move.  I handed off Meredith and picked him up and put him across my shoulder like a sack of potatoes and then I carried his Spongebob backpack in the other hand while getting strange looks from other kids and sometimes parents.  "Goodmorning!"  I said cheerfully while ignoring the fact that I was carrying my 40 pound kid over my shoulder.

When we arrived at the school gym,  a long line of  kindergarteners sat perfectly in a row.  Jackson wanted nothing to do with them.  I sat him down and tried to engage him in a conversation with the other kindergartens who looked at me like I was some crazy lady.  "I hate kindergarten."  He said quietly again, "and I hate these shoes."  And then he took them off. 

His case of "ihatekindergartenitis" was growing.  So, I said calmly "Goodbye.  I love you.  Have a great day."  And then I found the closest teacher on duty.  "Mr. Rosser, Jackson Moberly has "ihatekindergartenitis."  And then he smiled and pointed to a couple of other kindergarteners next to him who also have "ihatekindergartenitis."    

Then I left...but not really... I was hiding in the office where I could still see him but he couldn't see me.  He was busy emptying his backpack and then hitting his backpack on the gym floor.  I wish I had a camera with me but I didn't so you will have to use your imagination.

I waited a few minutes in the office with Ms. Nadine and we compared "ihatekindergartenitis" stories.  Our sweet Bella  would get completely undressed and hide under the bed right before it was time to leave and I would have to wrestle with her to get her clothes back on and then I would have to carry her in like a sack of potatoes only she didn't just lay there limp like Jackson did, she had to kick and scream the whole way.   Cardi would just cry quietly when I dropped her off.  She was the hardest because she was the first (my little pioneer girl) and my heart ached for her.  But we survived and sometimes we chat about "the old days" when they hated school and I'm sure some day Jackson and I will too.

First Day of Preschool

Today was John's first day of preschool.  He was nonchalant about it.  I was excited!
We were running a little late but he graciously stepped out of the minivan and let me snap a picture.  He's kind like that.

He was interested in playing with the playdough and all the fun things in the classroom.  He was not interested in me or taking any more pictures.  He didn't even look up when I said good bye.  No, he was busy making "muffins" and friends. 

But I snapped one more picture just because...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Day of School Part 2: KINDERGARTEN!

Just so you know...this is Jackson's school face (at least that's what he said he was doing).

I'm not quite sure it is the "school face" I would have chosen to go with but he's still a cutie.  I just hope he doesn't scare the other kids!

This is Jackson's teacher, Mrs. Brinkman.  We are super excited!

This is Mrs. Ross, the teacher's assistant.  She's pretty awesome too!

Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of School!

This is Cardi at 5:45 am. 

She's in middle school now.  (Did I just say middle school?)  Yep.  Middle School and as you can tell...she is SUPER excited!

She was SO excited that she had to wake Bella up and say "Goodbye, I'm off to middle school!"

I love that she is so excited and that even though she is a "cool" middle school kid now, she and her friends still let me snap photos of them waiting for the bus like a mom sending her kid off to kindergarten (which will be tomorrow for Jackson).

It's still dark out as you can tell from the photo.  I'm so glad she has friends to chat with while she waits.

Yep, I'm a dork.  I even took photos of the bus!

This is our THIRD GRADER!  And now big sister extraordinaire.  She promises to look after Jackson and make sure he is ok.  Now, I feel better about sending him off to kindergarten tomorrow.

Look how big that back pack is!

No pictures of the bus for this one.  I drove her (she's still in elementary school so that's okay...I think.)

But I did follow her to class for just a few minutes.  Yep.  Definitely a dork.

This is her teacher, Mr. Durning.  He's new to Oak Ridge.  He seems really nice and patient.

And of course Bella had her entourage following her around...Cause she's SO cool!

"Man, I hope Mom doesn't follow me to preschool next week!" 

Yes, yes I will.  Camera and all.  Cause that's how I roll.