Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of School!

This is Cardi at 5:45 am. 

She's in middle school now.  (Did I just say middle school?)  Yep.  Middle School and as you can tell...she is SUPER excited!

She was SO excited that she had to wake Bella up and say "Goodbye, I'm off to middle school!"

I love that she is so excited and that even though she is a "cool" middle school kid now, she and her friends still let me snap photos of them waiting for the bus like a mom sending her kid off to kindergarten (which will be tomorrow for Jackson).

It's still dark out as you can tell from the photo.  I'm so glad she has friends to chat with while she waits.

Yep, I'm a dork.  I even took photos of the bus!

This is our THIRD GRADER!  And now big sister extraordinaire.  She promises to look after Jackson and make sure he is ok.  Now, I feel better about sending him off to kindergarten tomorrow.

Look how big that back pack is!

No pictures of the bus for this one.  I drove her (she's still in elementary school so that's okay...I think.)

But I did follow her to class for just a few minutes.  Yep.  Definitely a dork.

This is her teacher, Mr. Durning.  He's new to Oak Ridge.  He seems really nice and patient.

And of course Bella had her entourage following her around...Cause she's SO cool!

"Man, I hope Mom doesn't follow me to preschool next week!" 

Yes, yes I will.  Camera and all.  Cause that's how I roll.

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