Saturday, August 27, 2011

John Turns 4!

One of these sweet kids  turned 4 today!

It wasn't this one...

or one of these two.

Nope.  It wasn't this cutie either.

It was this oh-so-sweet little guy!

He enjoyed opening presents and of course had some help from big brother Jackson

and sister Cardi.

"Wow!  Thanks, guys!"  He's kind like that!

Then it was off to play and take pictures with Mom

and Dad

I baked yummy lemon cream and strawberry cupcakes.

Here's a closer view..mmmmmm...yum!

At least Meredith thought they were yummy!

4 reasons why we LOVE LOVE LOVE this kid:
(1)  He makes us laugh!
(2)  He gives the best hugs!
(3)  He teaches us patience!
(4)  There is NEVER a dull moment with this kid!

We LOVE you, Johnny!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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