Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cardi turned 13 on Friday...gulp...

Thirteen and you know what?  Thirteen year old girls giggle.   A lot.

They giggle at breakfast.

 They giggle at lunch and at the movies.  They know all the popular songs and artists.  I had to google Cody Simpson.  But they are fun, so so much fun and we're lucky that our giggly, music loving teenager has such wonderful friends to share her birthday with.

 They say corny things and they whisper a lot.  And they're quick to remind you that they are no longer kids but teenagers and in just a couple of years they will be driving and then off to college...Gulp.

 I love their excitement.  I especially love our 13 year old.  I love how funny she is and how she can rattle on and on about her favorite book and tv characters.  I love how she can remember faces and details ... except when it's her turn to do the dishes.  I love how she still wants to hang out with her parents even though there are far cooler people in the world.  She is smart and talented and  an amazing writer.

So Happy Birthday to my giggly sometimes serious 13 year old!  You are AMAZING!