Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 18 - July 25, 2010


Bella had her well child check up on Wednesday. The doctor asked her if she was smart and if she liked school. She answered yes to both. He asked her if she was the smartest person in our house. After a brief pause she said, "No, Daddy is smarter than me...oh...and Cardin." The doctor smiled and looked over at me and then asked her if there was was anyone else in our house smarter than her. "No that's it."

Bella was telling a friend all about her birthday and of course her birthday party when John stopped what he was doing and asked about his birthday party. Our conversation went something like this:
John:"Oh...Mommy can I have a big birthday party? Pleassssse."
Me: "Hmmm." What kind of a party do you want?" (Still exhausted from Bella's birthday party.)
John: (pointing to his shirt.) "A spiderman one!"
Me: (Big surprise I thought since he insists on wearing a spiderman shirt EVERYDAY. "Okay. Who do you want to invite?"
John: "BATMAN!"

Our washing machine has been on the fritz for a while now and as a result sometimes some of our clothes get ruined.  Unfortunately Jackson's only white dress shirt got caught up in the washing machine, shredding the front bottom part of it. Since that part of the shirt is tucked in and you usually can not see it I continue to let him wear it to church. Last week after coming back from the bathroom he had forgotten to tuck his shirt back in. His teacher saw the shredded part and asked him what happened to his shirt. He said very seriously "A monster ate it...He had very sharp teeth."


I taught Cardi how to cook scrambled eggs this week. She is a natural cook. She not only cooked the eggs, but they were delicious. She also learned how to cook pancakes and chicken noodle soup. We didn't have any chicken so we called it "Cardin's Almost Chicken Noodle Soup."



Monday, July 19, 2010

Farmer's Market

I love the Farmer's Market. All the fresh vegetables and fruit are so colorful and tasty it makes me want to cook...not just any old thing but something exotic and flavorful. Just look at those fresh tomatoes, basil, and local honey I picked up on Saturday. Makes my mouth water...makes Jackson want to carve jack-o-lanterns (which he did).. ( =

Week in Review: July 12 - 19, 2010:


Our sweet, sweet Bella turned 7 this year! She is such a joy and delight. We had a lot of fun celebrating her birthday including a  party earlier in the day. The kids played twister, spilled bubbles (what was I thinking when I bought the colored bubbles???), and built YUMMY ice cream cookie towers!  We bought her a guitar for her hindsight we probably should of gotten her guitar lessons first!
We ended the day with a  family fiesta complete with her favorite food ...mac and cheese and fish sticks and of course more cookies and ice cream!

For Bella's birthday I made yummy lemon poppy seed muffins. I placed all the muffins on the table to cool off and told the kids they could have one when I got back from putting the clothes away. When I returned I found the following: all the muffins had been lined up in a row in front of John's seat (conveniently no one was at the table when I returned). Two of the muffins had been mostly eaten and the remainder of the muffins had a bite out of the top of each one. To the right of the muffins was a black and white Madagascar penguin. When I asked John if he ate the muffins, he looked over at the crime scene, thought for a moment, then said "No, the penguin did!" I then asked the penguin, but he's not talking...

Exhibit 1
Exhibit 2

Sunday, July 4, 2010

And then there was a blog...

The Blog Fairy has finally arrived in Tennessee and not a moment too soon. ( = The kids are growing like weeds and becoming their own little persons with their own thoughts and opinions even little Meredith voices her opinions quite frequently. This year has brought a lot of changes for our wonderful family. James graduated from Montana State University with his PhD in Chemical Engineering and we moved to Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
We are adjusting to southern life well, maybe a little too well (southern cooking is really yummy and I need to buy a whole new wardrobe). We've met a lot of young families here but our favorite new friends are our neighbors Joe and Brenda and Brenda's daughter, Tonya, and her family and Joe and Carolyn. They take such great care of us and treat us like family. We are taking them with us whenever we move! ( =
Happy Fourth of July to all of our family and friends! We took the pictures that are posted above today right before church. Sorry no Meredith...she was napping. ( =