Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school.
 The first day of seventh grade
 and fifth grade.
 The first day of second grade and of course (gulp)

The very first day of kindergarten...

He was so excited that it was hard to get a picture of him.  Kindergarten in Idaho is only three hours.  Our little guy is in the afternoon kindergarten class with a fabulous teacher.

We are renting a house only a half a mile from the elementary school and middle school.  There are lots of kids all around and so we have a group that walks together.

This is a view of our new  neighborhood and route to school.  It's up hill both ways but so, so beautiful.

 I wish I had a better lens so you can see the mountains in the background and rolling fields of wheat.
 And these are the sweet, sweet girls that Bella has been blessed to have as friends.  There is a great group of Beehives here that Cardi has been fortunate to meet.  Lucky for her there was room in the carpool so she didn't have to walk to school this morning.
This is John and Aweehoo, his rubbery, light up toy.  He gave me strict instruction when I dropped him off at school this afternoon to take good care of him...feed  him twice a day...and give him lots of hugs. 

And this is Aweehoo and what's left of John's light up sword...and what I hope are many more memories to come.

There's So much to write about...

traveling across the country for a new job, a new home, new neighbors, new schools, new friends, and how sad we were to leave our good friends in Tennessee and our family in Florida but how grateful we are to be back in  Idaho and  closer to family (only an hour and a half away).

But for now I'll just write about this little guy who happened to turn 6 today and just happens to be starting kindergarten tomorrow...
 He's so much fun! 

And so, so sweet!

Each year he gets sweeter and sweeter.  I love his smile and the way he says thank you and how when I made pancakes, eggs, and bacon for bunch he proclaimed "This is the best birthday ever!"  I love how easy he is to please like when he opened his light up sword and exclaimed  how great it was  even though he really wanted a Star Wars light saber.

 He's definitely all boy with his Plants vs. Zombies, angry birds, super heroes, and
wrestling moves so I love  when he comes into the room and asks if he can watch his favorite show.  What's that I ask casually, then he bats his big green  eyes and says "Mom, you know I love My Little Pony!"  He cracks me up...then again he's in good company!

I just hope his kindergarten teacher has a sense of humor.