Saturday, June 25, 2011

Once Upon A Time...

Once upon a time there was a mom who had nothing to do...

So she thought and she thought and after staring at the bright fire engine red wall and all the kids toys scattered about the laundry room. "Hmm...Perhaps I should paint that wall a lovely shade of blue."  And after hours of searching for just the right color, she did...

As she wiped the sweat from her brow, she said to herself...
I really need to paint this wall too...and so she did.

While she waited for the paint to dry, she went to the local Goodwill and found these fun little knick knacks for only $5...

 That go quite well with her new lovely walls...
 After admiring her new walls she thought to herself "I should  paint a chalkboard on the side of my frig and dryer.  Oh and that cute little space at the end of the cabinet  would make a great  Family Home Evening Board."  And so after 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of chalkboard paint and several hours later...She was done...

Except, she REALLY needed to repaint this wall white but her feet were killing her so she went to bed instead...The End.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Days Continued

With our van temporarily out of commission, our plans for fun summer dates have taken a back burner but the kids have found some fun ways to keep themselves busy and help out around the house.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the great fathers we know and of course Happy Father's Day to my WONDERFUL  husband! 

This year I had planned a spectacular Father's Day Tribute complete with homemade gifts from the kids, breakfast in bed, a stress free morning for my sweet husband, a sweet collage of "Dad" moments hanging throughout a CLEAN house,  a cute "Dad" stocking filled with lots of goodies,  rounded off by a delicious dinner and fabulous dessert. 

Here's how it actually  played out: 

(1)  We never quite got around to making those cute homemade gifts between doctors visits, washing the car, library, and playdates.  We did however all make it  down to the local mattress outlet store to buy a new bed for my poor sweet husband whose back has caused him many a sleepless nights.  I should mention here that I had to pry the kids from playing in the mud in the backyard or worse watching netflix.  It was quite a feat keeping all those grubby little hands off the clean mattresses. 

(2)  Breakfast in bed was probably a bad idea to start with since James gets up at the crack of dawn and well...I like to sleep in.  I woke up early only to discover that my sweet husband was already up.  So, we kind of had breakfast in bed except it wasn't in was at the diningroom table.  But we did have some yummy waffles with icecream after a rousing chorus of  a made up "Happy Father's Day" song and a presentation of a coupon from each kid...Cardi's coupon volunteered to "baby sit for 1 week or 2 if everything goes well."

(3)  I never quite got around to making the collage but I did find one picture to put on our father's day sign that I did manage to make at least the night before.  Only I couldn't find the tape to hang it up until right before breakfast...I have to admit that James is always in charge of sign making at our house...It's sort of a Moberly thing...and he is very good at it.  So, he sort of gets jipped (sp) in the sign department.

(4)  As for the CLEAN house, well if father's day would have been on Thursday I could check that off the list but as it so happens it was on Sunday (again...) and since I take Saturdays off  and also decided I needed to switch all the kids bedrooms around to move our old bed into Cardi's room to make way for our new one well, it's a work in progress...

(5)   As for the stocking:  I forgot to make a cute "Dad" stocking but I did find a clean plastic sandwich bag in the cabinet to put his favorite candies in.

(6)  It's only 3:30 pm here and so we haven't had dinner yet but it is pouring down rain and so those shish-ka-bobs may have to wait.  At least, I can still make the  walnut chocolate chip cookies.

(7)  As for a stress free boring would that be?  But, I did manage to take some pictures of my wonderful husband and his adoring kids.  They captured the sweetness of such a tender relationship as well as a glimpse into our kids personalities and relationships.

Can you tell how excited some of these kids are to be taking pictures?  Everyone was in a great mood until right before the pictures when numbers 1 & 2 were fighting over a pencil which ended in tears.   Number 3 is upset because he wanted to wear Dad's hiking hat (which we let him wear at the end).   4  can't keep from bugging  5 who would rather be taking a nap...And then there is Dad right in the middle of it all taking it in stride and smiling.

This one is my favorite...

Looks like number 3 has a secret...wonder what is so funny?

I love how about the 5th or 6th picture the kids start to perk up!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Lazy Summer Days

    Ahhh... the lazy days of summer...emphasis on  lazy...I think I only pulled my camera out twice this week.  On Tuesday, we went to the library and snatched up books 3 - 5 of Fablehaven.  We crashed around the house on Wednesday and on Thursday when we were suppose to be at the Museum of Science and Energy, well we just hung out at the house again enjoying the air conditioning.
    Cardi and I went to the track on Thursday and on Friday we packed a picnic and  headed over to Cedar Hill Park with a great bunch of friends to see what the new park looks like now and you know what?  It was actually a really fun park with bright colors and lots of shade and still had character...only a lot brighter than before.  The girls had never visited the old one so they thought it was great...the boys kept looking around for the tire swing...But got distracted by the nice new sandbox...and of course all their friends running around with them making new memories...If you missed what the park look liked before, you might want to check out this post

Look at those sweet faces!

Speaking of "character," Meredith is developing into quite a little character herself.  This is her new favorite passtime.  Have you figured out what she is doing yet?  She likes to lay down in front of the vent and feel the cool breeze of the air conditioning.  It makes me smile everytime I see her do it.