Monday, February 20, 2012

Last Sunday, our family was asked to sing a special musical number during the  Sacrament meeting.  I politely declined because well singing is not a gift I inherited but these two girls sweetly agreed to sing.

This is my friend, Carlee, who is always there to help out when I need a pianist or a really yummy treat.  She let us crash her place on Saturday so the girls could practice.

They were all so cute!

I couldn't video tape the actual performance but here's a sneak peek...This was only their first time practicing and I think they did a great job...of course I'm their mom...

On Friday night I was walking by the coffee table in the livingroom and saw a drawing one of the girls drew.  It had a picture of them on it and outlined what they were going to wear and how they were going to do their hair.  It was so sweet. 

I wasn't organized enough to take any pictures before church since we had to be there early to actually practice in the chapel but I did manage to persuade them to take a picture after church and they agreed even though all they really wanted to do was get out of their dresses and eat some lunch. 

Of course, no "sister" picture would be complete without their little sister who they persuaded to join them.  I heart them!

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