Friday, November 25, 2011


We like to take things slow around here on Thanksgiving Day (well as slow as we can).  Thanksgiving mornings are one of our favorites.  I bet they have visions of  Pie Fest dancing in their heads.

We had a small Thanksgiving dinner this year with just our family

and our friend David from Slovenia.

James was in charge of grilling the trukey which of course was excellent.  He's so good with anything that cooks on the grill!

These are our entries into Pie Fest this year...but Pie Fest deserves a post of its own so I'll write more on that later.

We enjoyed hanging out with David and learning about Slovenia.  This was his first Thanksgiving here in the states!  I hope he wasn't too disappointed!  I wish we could of talked him into joining us at our friend's house for a second dinner...It was wonderful!

(I really wish I would have gotten a great picture of them but they refused to pose so I just snapped a few while I was in the kitchen).  We really loved the sausage apple stuffing which was much better than the stove top stuffing I served earlier...But really, James and I are the only ones who eat stuffing so I didn't go all out but next year sausage and apple stuffing is definitely on the menu!

And  then we ate so much pie that I am good until next Thanksgiving  or Pie Fest which is Saturday!

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