Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Happy Halloween!
Halloween is a fun holiday.  Who doesn't love a holiday where you get to dress up and eat lots of candy?  While our kids love trick or treating, they weren't too excited about having to pose for pictures when they could be off knocking on doors, scoring loads of candy, and stuffing it into their sweet bellies as fast as they can.

But, they were pretty good sports about it!

Then it was off to trick or treat in the neighborhood.

Our first stop, Ms. Brenda and Mr. Joe's house. 

Have I mentioned how much I love our neighbors?

Then it was off to Ms. Carolyn and Mr. Wayne's house...

"OK everybody say trick or treat!"  Hmmm...I think Spiderman would rather be trick or treating...

He  perked right  up when I promised no more pictures for the rest of the night. 


  1. Cuteness! Love that you remembered to take the camera trick-or-treating!

  2. Wow nice neighbors that would pose for a photo on halloween - although to be in a picture with Dorothy, a Pirate, a living pumpkin and Spiderman...(what was Bella dressed as?! Bella?)