Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cardi's Spring Orchestra Concert

Remember way back in March, Cardi had her first violin concert and   I only posted pictures because I was having technical difficulty posting the video?  And remember how I promised to post it later?  And I never quite got around to it?   Well, last Thursday she had her second and last orchestra performance for the year.  And guess what?  I am having technical difficulty posting that performance as well...But, I am posting pictures so hopefully you won't be too disappointed...Although, they did do a fabulous job and I do wish you could have enjoyed the video...
These 2 fabulous young ladies were just a few of the 40 kids who performed in the Glenwood Elementary  Orchestra on Thursday...  I'm a tad bit partial to the one on the right...I think she's pretty neat!  The pictures below is what the scene looked like as the kids were tuning their instruments and preparing for the performance.  There's Cardi center staged, second row.

And this is the scene in the balcony as we waited for the orchestra performance to begin...

They did a great job!  They played a number of songs including "Scotland's Burning," "Two Step March," and "Fiddler's Hoe Down."

The Jefferson Middle School 5th and 6th Graders also performed.  Again, it was amazing to hear the difference that a year can make.  The 5th and 6th graders won superior awards at the annual competition in Dollywood!  If I remember correctly, the 6th graders won the overall competition!  I have to say, while it was wonderful to watch these young kids perform and even though I am definitely partial to that sweet kid in the Glenwood Orchestra, I really enjoyed listening to the 5th graders play!  They played "Cripple Creek," "Moonlight Tango," and "Sailor's Song."  Every time they played another song, it instantly became my favorite!  I am so sad that Cardi has decide not to continue playing the violin.  But I am excited to see what she would like to try next...I heard a rumor she is going to join the chorus next year in middle school...

Refreshments were served in the lobby after the concert.

And guess who else was there performing?  Yep, we ran into Jas and Anna!

Bella ran into a friend at the concert as well and they got the opportunity to enjoy hanging out...Don't they look cute in their matching purple shirts? 

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  1. I wish we lived closer so I could play with Cardin - I'm probably about at her level! That's awesome that they have that opportunity at the grade school level though.