Monday, May 9, 2011

Bella's Art Work is on Display at the Oak Ridge Municipal Building

Guess whose art work is on permanent display in the City of Oak Ridge Municipal Building? 

Yep, our sweet, fabulous Bella!  I wonder if that means we get a discount on our electric bill?  (  =

For the last 6 or 7 years, one student has been selected from each school in Oak Ridge to have their art work placed permanently on display in the Oak Ridge City Municipal Building.  We feel so honored that Bella was chosen.  If you get the chance to walk around the building there are a lot of beautiful pieces of art for you to enjoy!

But of course, "The Fisherman's Vision" was definitely my favorite!  Seriously, how cute is she?  As you can tell she was super excited!

It was all very official.  This is a picture of the mayor of Oak Ridge and the city council.  They read an official proclamation
which thanked all the kids for donating their art work to the city...

This is Mr. Dodson, the art teacher from Jefferson Middle School. 

There were lots of photos taken by various people...Boy this kid really knows how to pose!

This is Bella and her art teacher, Ms. Hodgers...who let it slip that Ms. Bella will be receiving another award on June 2nd... 

And this is "The Fisherman's Vision."  Oh...Did I mention you can go to the Municipal Building and see it on display...All year round?

And these are my 2 FABULOUS girls and some of my most favorite people!!!

And this is our friend, Anna's son, Jas' wonderful art work from Jefferson Middle School.

This is Jas and his fabulous family who invited us back for dessert...of course we said yes!

I think this is Bella's second slice of cake!

It was delicious in case you were wondering...

and this is the fabulous recipe...

And this is a delicious summer cake recipe...Hmmm now if I can just learn to read Polish!

Oh and I almost forgot...They filmed the whole meeting which will be on the local TV station.  If only I would have thought to use my own video camera....


  1. This is a great blog! Thank you for sharing it on facebook so we could all see! It so nice to see all the pictures of your kids. They have grown up so fast! You can click on our link and check out our blog as well!

    I hope you're doing well! We are moving from Colfax! :( To Yakima! Crazy! We will be so sad to leave here!

  2. It was SO much fun to read your blog, Beth! I can't believe how big your kids are getting too! I wish you guys were moving to TN! ( =

  3. Wow! Congrats to Bella! That is so cool! What a big honor for such an awesome girl! I am way impressed with her picture, sje is talented!