Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Say "Cheese!"

Sorry that I have not posted new pictures of the kids recently but some little one managed to pull the diaper bag off the table, open almost all the lollipops, lick themselves into a gooey, sticky mess, and then put their cute little sticky fingers all over our video camera causing the on/off button to become stuck...which meant I couldn't take pictures of the beautiful sidewalk chalk artwork that said "We love you, Mom and Dad!  Love the Kids!"  complete with a little flower garden and lots of little hearts or the beautiful decorations they secretly put up in the family room with ribbons and pictures along with their famous "lemonade, banana sprite" drink.

Luckily my sweet, brillant husband bought a nice new camera for me for my birthday!  It's nothing expensive but after 10 years of the same camera, it is wonderful!  I was soooo excited that I actually read the instruction manual so that I could know all the cool things my new best friend could do...I'm still not sure what all it can do...But there is only one way to find out for sure!

I decided my very first picture should be of my number 1.  He had fallen asleep on the couch and woke up around midnight hence the sleepy look.  I don't think the flash did much to improve his mood!

Of course these 3 are ALWAYS ready for a picture!

Jackson was dying to have a picture of his hand!

My little guy with his peanut butter face!

We were soooo excited Jackson and I even took a picture of our feet!

And then we took a picture of John's feet!

And then of course, we had to take a picture of our sweet little Myrtle's feet, too (crumbs and all)!

After breakfast our sweet Meredith decided she needed to do some calendaring so she grabbed a pen and Cardi's calendar!

Isn't she sweet even with a snotty nose and bed head!

We visited Bella at school today and had lunch with her and  her friend Emily.  It was fun, but boy were we all tired and ready to head home!

But we still had enough energy for a few more shots!

Look at how crisp that picture is!!!

Meredith was not as thrilled about nap time as I was!

Just in case you didn't get enough silliness already!

Just can't get enough of that sweet Jackson!

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