Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Last 2 Weeks in Review

The last two weeks have been filled with baking treats for kids classes, volunteering at school, Grandparent's Day, sick kids, Valentine's Day celebrations, school parties, stomach flu, playdates, a super fun primary activity, babysitting 6 super active but really fun and sweet kids, house cleaning, catching up with friends, birthday parties, followed by the stomach flu again! 

But my favorite memories include ...staying up late to help Cardi bake Pueblo bread for her class followed by a frantic search for her recorder sheet music for "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" that she needed the next day for a concert for grandparent's day.  We finally ended up finding a couple different versions on line.

Ice Cream and Movies:

I love when I get the chance to have one on one time with my kids.

On Friday, Bella and Cardi each attended a sleep over.  John and Meredith were asleep and so I got to spend some one on one time with Jackson.  He is so fun to watch movies with.  He has such a hearty laugh for such a skinny boy!  I loved just sitting next to him eating icecream and soak all his sweetness in.
Lessons on Love:

In the midst of all the humdrum that fills my days, my sweet friend Linda, died from a rare form of cancer a little over a week ago.  She was a beautiful, vibriant person who left her mark on everyone she met.
She passed quietly in her home surrounded by her family.  Her funeral services were at 7:30 p.m. on Valentine's Day ... something at first I was sad about... I was sad that her 5 beautiful kids would always associate Valentine's Day (a day about love)  with their mother's death but after attending her service I left feeling that this was a  perfect day to remember Linda's life. She loved her husband and her kids, she loved her family, and everyone around her and she was deeply loved. I left with a renewed appreciation for temple covenants and the knowledge that  families are eternal and with a secret vow in my heart to love more.


  1. Misti wishes she had that caliber of fodder for her blog. I don't. The worst we have is Jacob constantly poops in the bath and throws it at us. Your blog makes us feel somewhat close, get a good laugh and not feel alone.

  2. Awwwww...We love you guys and miss you a lot! Check to see if the UT has an urban planning program!