Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cardi's Slumber Party!

So remember that sweet oh-so-awesome kid who had a birthday last week...Yep, the one below.  Well, on Friday we had a slumber party with 13 of the BEST kids ever!  Here is a short recap of the night's events!

I love bright colors! So, John and I decided to make Cardi a spring colored birthday sign. He helped me hang it up...Then....

decided he could do better and set to work!

These two FABULOUS friends stopped by early after school to help set up!

Then less than an hour later, these cute kids arrived home from a busy day at school! 

I love these kids!  They are SO much fun!  Jackson wanted to be in the thick of things all night...He was SO cute!

We passed a shirt around for the girls to sign for Cardi.

Ate lots of pizza!

Opened a lot of great presents.

Posed for some great pictures!  In case you didn't notice, there's Jackson nestled in between all those sweet girls!  He even crept out of bed later on to hang out with them.  They were all good sports and showered lots of attention on him...needless to say...He LOVED it!

Bella got to invite some friends of her own to the party!  Aren't they SO cute?

I even got to invite a friend too! 

Then we decorated bags.

Ate sundaes...

Ate some more...

Admired our artwork!
Played twister...

and charades...

Got all dolled up...

and then played Incan Gold...

Watched a movie...and eventually many, many hours later went to sleep!

Morning came way too soon!

James made waffles and different flavored syrups and of course breakfast would not be complete without ice cream!

Then we said goodbye to all Cardi's wonderful friends!

Courtsey of Bella who had her own sleepover at Sara's house...

We rounded off the day with a mother- daughter date to Subway, 2 book stores, and  ended with a yummy dessert!

Here are 10 Reasons why I love this AWESOME kid ...but I could think of at least a hundred more....
1.  She is always thoughtful of others.
2.  She has such a sweet personality!
3.  She is SO fun to cuddle with!
4.  She is a great writer!  I love to read her stories!
5.  She likes to cook!  Now, if I could just get her to like cleaning up...
6.  She has a beautiful voice.  I love to hear her sing!
7.  I love her beautiful smile!
8.  She is humble.
9.  She makes me laugh!
10.  Without a doubt, she  makes me a better person!


  1. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the slumber partie! once again what a good mom you are! Happy Birthday Cardi!

  2. Megan!!!! We need to do our own slumber party! I'm free on Friday! ( =