Thursday, January 13, 2011

Random Thoughts: Where are you Mr. Motivation (or is it Miss), Picky Eaters, and Plate Cleaners

I am officially in a slump.  Somehow, somewhere I have lost my motivation.  I had it a few months ago.  But, I'm not sure where I put it.  I would try retracing my steps but try doing that without  motivation...(sigh)..."Where are you, Mr. Motivation or is it Miss?"
Meredith on the other hand, has plenty of motivation, innovations, and a whole lot of other "ations."  I think she has some sort of super hero power like "Elasta Baby."  Every time I put something out of reach she has somehow managed to reach it.  Last night, I was cutting onions for a creamed spinach to go with our pasta.  Somehow with her gangly super hero arms she reached up and grabbed the cutting board and there  went the onions.  My little explorer or perhaps a picky eater...  This morning I made cinnamon pancakes and oatmeal.  Meredith picked at both.  When I took her down from her high chair, she grabbed one of Cardi's shoes, put it in her mouth and crawled away (like a dog with his bone).  I guess there is no accounting for taste!  Jackson on the other hand, literally cleaned his plate with his tongue and then tried to put his dish on the dish shelf with all the clean ones (ughh...).  Now if I could just get motivated to clean the dishes and put away the shoes...

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