Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Moberly Christmas Morning

Christmas morning!

We had a wonderful holiday!  We went Christmas caroling on Christmas Eve.  Although I think next year I will reduce the number of houses that we carol at.  (  =  We didn't get home until about 8:30 p.m.  Once we got home,  the kids opened a present and then we sent them to bed.  I think James was asleep before the kids were!  Except preparing for a talk for Sacrament the next day, Christmas day was nice and relaxing.  When Gill and Maureen were here a couple of weeks ago, the girls prayed for a snow day and got one,.  So, I decided to ask Cardi to pray for a snow day so I wouldn't have to speak in church on Sunday.  Then I started feeling guilty about not setting a good example for the kids so I asked her to pray that I would do well on my talk.  The next day, church was cancelled...I guess the Lord figured the second request was next to impossible and decided to go with the first!  We hope you all had a WONDERFUL Christmas!!!

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  1. What a funny story. You guys all look great! Sharea, you look super skinny. Send me whatever your secret it :) Love ya!Jen