Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Meredith Turns One

     It's hard to believe but our sweet little Meredith turned one on Monday!  While she isn't walking yet, she has no trouble getting into everything!  We kept our celebration low key.  James did a wonderful job decorating the Christmas tree and ornament cake I made.  I wrapped little mini candy bars (one of the many treats our neighbors keep us stocked with) and placed them under the Christmas tree cake.  Meredith enjoyed eating the wrapping paper and the boys enjoyed playing with Meredith's presents.  Thank you to everyone who called  and sang "Happy Birthday" to her.  Her little face  lit up each time someone sang to her and  she had lots of fun dancing to all the different renditions of "Happy Birthday." 
    On Tuesday, Meredith had her one year check up and received 4 shots including her second flu vaccine.  John was terribly upset.  He didn't want Meredith to have to get shots.  Apparently he is the only one who can torture Meredith!  (  =  She is in the 50th percentile for weight and head circumference and 70 percentile for height!!!! 

Yum!  I love wrapping paper!

Our beautiful Christmas tree cake!

Meredith's ornament cake!

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"Hmm...I wonder if I should save room for cake?"

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