Friday, November 1, 2013


Most of the kids had croup this week.  There were several nights of interrupted sleep by little  knocks on the bedroom door in the middle of the night with complaints of coughing and wheezing and one poor little guy who was having a difficult time breathing.  The kids spent most of Halloween day snuggled in blankets, watching Netflix and bemoaning the fact that it was Halloween and they may not be able to trick or treat.

 But I figured if they could drag every chair from every room in the house and make a large fort in the dining room, they could spend a little time trick or treating the neighborhood which always culminates with 

 "The Great Candy Exchange" that takes place the next morning.
 Everyone gets to get rid of the candy they don't like and exchange it for something they do.

 Some people are very organized and methodical.  They organize their candy, count it, and take an inventory just in case any one gets any ideas about looting their stash.
 Some people just toss it in a bowl and some us negotiate to get all the m&ms by agreeing to do the kids chores and bake a pizza.

 And some of us who were sick and didn't go trick or treating get to pick something out of the family bowl.

And some of us finally get an excuse to use the Halloween stamps they bought from Michaels for only 75 cents.

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