Sunday, September 15, 2013

Latah County Fair

This week, we headed to the county fair. 

 I couldn't convince child number 1 to join us...something about watching Jericho reruns.  But kids 2-5 were game.  Of course we did what all good fair goers do, we headed to the cotton candy first.  It was a big hit.

 Followed by looking at livestock.
 But then those kids discovered the joy and thrill of all the rides.

 There was the Yoyo.  I wasn't sure if the boys were up for the ride. 
 But they survived...

 Meredith mainly watched.  She was too small for most of the rides she wanted to go on.

 Of course, there was the gravitron.
 The kids were a little dizzy after that one but it was their favorite.
 There was a lot of talk about riding the ferris wheel.

But the ferris wheel was no comparison to running into friends at the fair...

who were a little better prepared than I was.  Thanks, Kendra for keeping the kids hydrated!

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  1. What could be better than animals and cotton candy? =) Other than Jericho re-runs, of course. LOL (Susan)