Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dear Freshly Painted Kitchen Cabinets

I probably should of warned you that we have five kids.  Five kids who like to smear peanut butter and raspberry jelly on countertops and maybe a drawer or two.  The kind of kids who  splatter pink raspberry punch on white walls and leave soggy strawberries on countertops and color on walls,  floors and freshly painted kitchen cabinets. 

I'm sorry you had to learn this first hand.  I hope you're not too distraught.  It's not that they don't appreciate you.  I'm just not sure if they understand all of the hardwork you put into looking beautiful.  How many coats of paints you had to endure. All the doubts that you had wondering if white really was your color. 

It's nothing personal.

 Just ask the little yellow sugar container that comes out to visit when we have waffles and then needs months of therapy before she's ready to be seen again.   It starts off well enough with politely passing the sugar but as soon as the crowd disperses, a certain little someone shoves her grubby little hands in the sugar and shovels as much cinnamon sugar into her mouth as she can  before she's discovered. 

Of course you witnessed the mayhem personally this morning.  It must of been awful watching those two little hands shoveling fists full of sugar into her mouth and   then sticking those same little sugary hands into her brother's cup of  water and then back in the sugar container before  deciding to fling her hands all over your pristine countertops. Poor kitchen and poor sugar container.  It gets no respect.

Then  there's the clothes that can't seem to stay in the drawers or on hangers, the towels that constantly grace the hallway and bathroom floors and please don't get me started on those fancy throw pillows in the livingroom.  They have all  but given up complaining about being thrown around, jumped on, and used as a soccer ball. 

And then, then there are the hallway walls...those poor pitiful walls who begged me not to take a picture of them.  You may not believe this, Kitchen,  but you are fairing much better than they are.  Really.  I probably shouldn't say anything.  They're pretty sensitive but they really need a makeover.  They are scratched and dented and covered in dirty little finger prints.  Unlike the little sugar bowl, they are beyond therapy.

But you, Kitchen, are resilient.  You look amazing even with your peanut butter drawers and pencil artwork.  You are the heart of our home where I bake and cook and answer homework questions and find out how everyone's day went and have long conversations with friends.  And you know what, Kitchen?  White is so your color. 


  1. You are so entertaining! You might want to give SW's enamel paint a try next time, supposed to be easy to clean and won't come off even with regular sand paper! I'm going to use it for the trim and doors in our basement... one of these days.
    A sugar shaker (I use one meant for Parmesan) might be helpful too, but then you may not catch as many super cute faces on your adorable kids. :) Thanks for sharing your talents and your family again. Miss you all.

  2. MEG!!! We miss you guys too! And a sugar shaker is definitely a good idea! I will definitely have to give the SW enamel paint a try. I hate that our whole house except the kitchen is a flat paint! So hard to get anything off!

  3. If you ever need any kitchen cabinets, cabinet refacing, or want to remodel your kitchen, call/email Quality Kitchen and Windows. I have 3 daughters so i know exactly how you feel.