Friday, August 10, 2012

Rumor Has It

This summer  the kids introduced me to Adele and Cee Lo Green via the car radio.  Poor kids,  seems their mom has no clue about pop culture or that flailing your arms around and rocking back and forth is not actually dancing.   But they're willing to let me embarrass them in public as long as they get to listen to the radio.  It's pretty cute to look in the rearview mirror and see their little heads start to bop especially that sweet little boy in the back.  It starts off slow, just a little head bob to the right and then to the left and then comes the arms.  We've been cruising around town singing "Rumor Has It" and "Forget You"   and busting some moves.

And as long as they get to listen to the radio, they don't even mind when I wear my sun hat and sing along except they hate it when I mention that rumor has  it that summer vacation is almost over. 

It's causes some groaning and maybe a little eye rolling.  So last week, we headed to Clark Park Beach with our friends to soak up some of the last of the summer vacation rays.  I slathered on the sunscreen, slipped on my new sun hat, and we rocked all the way to the beach.  Not the real beach as the kids pointed out.  But I get to call it that because it's part of this lovely body of water's name.

That's all the kids waiting for the life guard to arrive so they could actually get in the water.  Have you ever tried to stop 20 kids from running to the water?  Me either.  Thank goodness, my friend Heidi is there to keep the kids at bay. 

School starts Monday and while there may be some moaning and groaning, I'm pretty sure they are ready for another school year to begin. 

 They were all smiles at the "Meet & Greet" today. 
 Jackson was really excited to meet his new first grade teacher, Ms. Johnson.  This is her first year teaching.

And Bella already made herself at home in her new fourth grade room with Mrs. Moehl.
 After dropping off the kids school supplies, minus the pencils that some how got lost, we made the rounds visiting teachers from the previous year.  This is Mrs. Watson.  She was Cardi's fourth grade teacher and her all time favorite teacher.
We visited with Bella and Jackson's third grade and kindergarten teachers from last year

 Then visited Mrs. Casey in the music room before heading over to visit Ms. Ridenour and Mrs. Bell.

 Jackson got to visit the fish.  One of his favorite things to do and I got to visit

one of my favorite people at Glenwood, Mrs. Wilder. I'm pretty sure this is shaping up to be one of the best school years ever.  At least that's how rumor has it.


  1. If your summer was like ours, it went by WAY to FAST!!!! My kids love it when I turn up the music and jam when them also, it keeps me "looking" like the cool mom. BTW,love the hat.

    1. That's because you are the cool mom! My kids (at least the older ones) pretended like I was some lady they were just carpooling with b/c their mom was busy. ( = Thanks for the hat compliment. $2.50 on sale at Food Lion. I think I'll splurge and buy another! ( =

  2. Cute sun hat!! I love that you rock out with your kids!! You are such a cool mom. :)

    1. Ha! Ha! You always have such good taste, Ms. Katie! See the above reply re: being the cool mom. ( = Congratulations again on your beautiful new house. I can't wait to see how you decorate it!