Tuesday, August 28, 2012

John Turns 5!

John turned five yesterday.  It's cliche but it really does seem like only yesterday he was wearing diapers and crawling around.  Throughout the day he had me tell him what I was doing about this time 5 years ago when he was born. 

I remember most of our kid's birth stories pretty well, except I guess I forget some of the less thrilling parts like having to get on my hands and knees and rock back and forth as I was delivering.  I'm sure that was a perfectly lovely sight. 

James had to remind me that John wasn't exactly following directions and coming down the birth canal the way he was suppose to.  Then again, that's the way he's been ever since he was born.  Just sort of going his own way.

I told him how his birth was probably the easiest birth.  He liked that idea.  He was the easy one and may have mentioned that to his siblings once or twice.

He liked that he got to tease me even before he was born when I told him I  thought he was going to be born Saturday the 25th.  So, many contractions.  I even walked over 5 miles that day and all I got were leg cramps. 

Sunday came and went and still no baby.  But on Monday (one day before his due date) we had a bouncing baby boy.  The doctor's office had made us an appointment the week before but they were sure I wouldn't need it.  We showed up and they checked me and couldn't believe I was still pregnant.  But as soon as we got home, we had to turn around and head to the hospital.  Two hours later we were holding a sweet little boy.

This little boy. 

Despite no epidural, he was my easiest delivery. 

After he was born, they held him up while he was still attached to the placenta and said it's a boy and then he immediately peed on me.  That's his favorite part of the story.

My favorite part was when I got to hold him for the first time.  The world melted away.

There are so many reasons why I love, love, love this kid but I'll leave you with 5 reasons and a few snapshots of the day. 

Despite everyone else being off to school or work and only having M and I for company, he said it was the best birthday ever! 

So, I'll start with this:
(1)  He is easy to please.
(2)  He makes me laugh.
(3)  He makes the most expressive faces.  (Especially when he's talking about planets v. zombies or angry birds)
(4)  He's good about sharing with a certain someone who thinks everything is hers.
(5)  He has the best imagination.

 He didn't mind that we had to change our plans and scrap meeting up with friends at the park because my asthma is making this cold linger on longer than normal.  So we headed to Walmart with Grandma and Grandpa's birthday cash in hand. 
 Where this little boy decided he really wanted Angry Birds on Thin Ice.
 And then 30 minutes later, he changed his mind and we ended up with Angry Birds in Space.
 He chose McDonald's for lunch.  Thank goodness for drive throughs, my energy levels were on zero.
 I promise the cupcake didn't smell.  He wanted to make sure he didn't blow out the candle before we finished singing Happy Birthday.

 Not to be out done, M decided to pillage the kitchen to find her own candle.
 And then she sang Happy Birthday to herself and was pleased as punch.

Happy Birthday, John!  We heart you!


  1. Happy Birthday John! He sure is a cute kid! I love the part about him peeing on you, I could see him thinking that was a pretty great way to make an entrance!

  2. Oh, he is so adorable (and his sister too!) Happy birthday :) Cliche or not, it does go by so fast... Love the picture of the sibs holding hands. Hope you get some relief from your cold soon!