Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pancakes and Muffins, I mean Cupcakes

Cardi made dinner last night.  It was her first time.  She also volunteered to make dinner tonight as well. 

 She made pancakes.  Yum!

 And served orange juice.  I could get use to this!

Muffins vs.  Cupcakes

A friend of mine has a son.  A sweet, adorable little boy who's turning five.  He wants blueberry cupcakes for his birthday.  Smart boy.  I'm sure he knows blueberries are chocked full of antioxidants and all sorts of good stuff.  We wanted to help her out by testing this yummy blueberry cupcake recipe

At first I was a little nervous these cupcakes were going to be more dense like muffins.  Of course, that didn't stop these two from licking the bowl clean.

 I halved the recipe because my sweet husband made omelets this morning unaware that I had committed those precious eggs to making blueberry cupcakes.  And did I mention, he made them especially for me.  He's kind like that.
 They turned out delicious.  A little sweet for my taste but still delicious.  (The cupcakes, not the omelets.  Although, they were delicious too.)  They were light and fluffy like cake.  James said they were more like muffins.  So, we googled the difference between muffins and cupcakes...Most of the research said the difference between a muffin and cupcake was ... frosting.  And since, I didn't make any frosting, I agreed to  a compromise.   I agreed he could call them muffins, if we could have them for dinner.  Because muffins and pancakes are perfectly acceptable for dinner whereas cupcakes might get a few gasps.

 So, we had pancakes and muffins tonight for dinner.  I love that little extra touch that says "You're special.  I love you!"  And right in the top left corner, you can see the bottom of the menu Cardi & Bella made for dinner.  Luckily everything was in our price range and the management didn't mind a lot of noisy kids.

As for the kids, they thought the cupcakes...errr muffins were great.  Including this sweet person, who doesn't usually like blueberries.

 Of course this guy could eat blueberries all day long.

 This is Bella's "Wow!  These are the best things I have  ever eaten!" face...

And this is John's "thumbs up, I really like these cupcakes face."  That's right, I'm back to calling them cupcakes, because dinner is  over and James is in the kitchen graciously washing dishes and what he doesn't know won't hurt him...I think I just heard a few gasps...