Saturday, March 31, 2012


While James worked on the grow box for the garden, my contribution was to keep an eye (and camera) on Meredith.  That sweet little baby of our's can get into all sorts of trouble in a blink of an eye.

 This is the ritual meeting at Ms. Brenda and Mr. Joe's  fence.  And what happens next is this:  a good old fashion meeting of neighbors

 with lots of neighborly talk and of course a treat...I'm sure it's the great conversation that keeps her coming back.  I know that's what  draws me to the fence, of course an occasional treat just makes it a little sweeter. 

And speaking of sweet...Don't you just love that sweet, sticky, skittle covered face?  Some how, I think James got the worse end of the deal building the grow box.  But we'll keep that our little secret.


  1. What a gorgeous little girl!! She has beautiful hair and such a sweet little face!

  2. She is adorable :). - Jolene

    1. Jolene! Are you in Singapore now? Has it been that long since we talked? Ugh! I've got to be a better friend and keep up! Love you!

  3. Too cute, I miss you tons girly. Love you Portia