Friday, March 23, 2012

Birthday Pictures

 Most of us having been sneezing up a storm around here because of allergies...which is why my sweet 11 year old looks less than thrilled to be posing for pictures...But help is on the way!

 We celebrated with the traditional waffles and ice cream for breakfast, although I'm pretty sure some of those kids just ate the ice cream! 

Then it was  off to school.  Some of her friends decorated her locker for her.  She was super thrilled, but probably not as thrilled as all the paper hearts I secretly placed in her text books the night before  fell out during class when she pulled her books out of her backpack.  Next year, I will probably just tape them to the front of the books!  She was still pulling them out of her math book last night! 

I brought her  favorite lunch (Subway) to school and ate lunch with her and her friends.   I don't have any pictures because (1) while it's okay for your mom to join you for lunch on your birthday when you're in middle school, (2) it is not okay to take cheesey photos or (3) pretend that you know each other in public.

But, I reserve the right to take photos of all those cool middle schoolers after school! 
Her best friend, Autumn, rode the bus home with her and after homework, they hung out.  It's an off year for friend birthday parties at our house.  And then we had cheesecake...glorious cheesecake!

Happy Birthday, Cardi!  We adore you!

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