Wednesday, December 14, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

You've probably been wondering where I've been.  I've been home surrounded by runny noses, coughing kids, congestion, and icky tummies.  But in between asmatic bronchitis, colds, and the stomach flu we have managed to sneak in a little fun and these are a few of my favorite things this month:

We missed our ward Christmas party for the second year in a row due to sickness.  But, our sweet sisters in the Primary Presidency didn't forget about us.  Hannah dropped off dinner for us and a cute gingerbread house with icing and candy to decorate.

Of course, we had to separate out all the m&ms and skittles

because we  needed something to snack on while we were decorating

and we like to pretend that the "m" stands for Moberly

Of course I think the kids favorite part was eating the gingerbread house...

On Saturday, we left Meredith with James and headed to the city Christmas parade, running noses, coughs and all.  We ran into some of our neighbors which made it more fun.  We remembered the hot chocolate (as you can tell by  John's face) but forgot gloves.  The kids were so excited.  When we got home, I told James I don't think I'm getting the Mother of the Year award...He asked "Why not?" 

 I recounted how the kids were telling our neighbors (Wayne and Carolyn)  how this is their first Christmas parade ever (other than the Macy's Day Parade they've watched on TV).  And then they told them they were super excited to see the fireworks in July because we have never taken them to the city sponsored fireworks. 

My sweet southern neighbors didn't say anything during the course of the kids talking about the lack of Christmas parades or fireworks in their lives but then a nice lady who was passing out candy and miniature moon pies  as the parade passed along stopped and asked the kids if they liked moonpies to which they  replied, "We don't know.  We've never had a moonpie."

At which point my sweet neighbor asked with utter disbelief  "Your kids have never had a moon pie and RC cola?" 

(Just a little information for my non southern friends:  Moon pies are a  southern tradition.  There's even a 1955 song  by Big Bill Lister, "Give me an RC Cola and Moon Pie" and  a book all about moon pies as well as a "RC and Moon Pie Festival" in Bell Buckle, TN.  I'm seriously thinking we'll go there next year. 

So, despite the lack of moonpies, fireworks, and parades  my kids still think I'm pretty awesome and that should count for something.

Cardi had her last orchestra performance for the semester and they did a great job!

John and I had fun watching Bella perform at the Children's Museum After School Program's Annual Christmas Puppet Show.

And this year, I finally got around  to making an advent calendar.  I whipped this up while waiting for 12 minutes on hold to talk to the health insurance company. 

And a list of my favorite things would not be complete without a picture of one of Meredith's favorite things:  pulling out random things from the kitchen  cabinets...  (  =

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