Saturday, April 9, 2011

Annual Student Art Exhibition 2011 - Ms. Bella Moberly

Last week Bella's art work was selected to be exhibited at the Annual Student Art Exhibition 2011, "Through the Vision of Children."  The art work is on display at the Oak Ridge Children's Museum from April 8 to May 22.  The art show showcases art work from students from kindergarten to 12th grade.  Last night we were invited to attend the open house.  It was amazing to see all the art work.  There are SO many talented young kids in this area.  It's probably a good thing that I forgot to charge the batteries in my camera because I would have taken SO many more pictures.

Here is Bella in front of her artwork, "Mr. Mannhattan's Cupcake Store."

We weren't the only ones trying to get a pictures of our budding little artist!

I love the bite  someone took out of the last cupcake...Mmmmm...I bet it tasted good!

I LOVE when our kids support each other...even if it is prompted...

I loved the pictures surrounding Bella's artwork...

Especially, this one.

John posed next to his favorite picture...but got a little distracted...

This is John's favorite.  I think it is pretty awesome too!

This is Jackson's favorite...and he just wanted to remind everyone that he is case you forgot.

Love the colors on this one.  If I remember correctly, this one is a class effort.

I really liked this one too!

Not to be out done, John has taken up side walk chalk art work.

He calls this one, "Spiderman chasing a bad guy."

This one is
"Spiderman and a big monster bad guy."  I call it "Please Stop Coloring on the House, I Already Have Enough Things to Clean."

This is one is "Spiderman Hanging Upside Down."  To me it just screams "Wash Me!"

And this one is called, "It's Not Spiderman!  It's Just Chalk, Mom!"

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  1. I just remember what Nate always said about Bella - she's special. I fully agree.