Sunday, November 1, 2015

And then there was one

Another Halloween has come and gone.  The years seems to race by faster and faster whether I am ready for them or not and honestly . . .  I'm not ready for them. It wasn't long ago that we were trekking around the neighborhood with five kids in tow but this year  Jackson was out of school all week with a concussion after falling off a swing face forward on Monday.  He's feeling much better now no more headaches, feeling nausea, nose bleeds or numbness on his left side.  His sweet grandmother made sure he got the rest that he needed while James and I were at work.  We love that grandma.  She takes such good care of us.

Jackson opted to stay home on Halloween.

He was still feeling a little tired  and the rain and cold weather wasn't encouraging but he had some good company... Cardi stayed home with him.   They watched Pixel and I'm pretty sure they may have picked through the bowl of candy we left for the tricker or treaters.  

Bella spent the evening hanging out with her  friend, Emily.  I guess that's what middle schoolers do...hang out with their friends on Halloween.  She's definitely the most social out of all of us.

My idea of a good time is hanging out at home watching a movie or just spending time with family. 

 John and Meredith were our only trick or treaters this year and even then given the rain and cold weather John opted to go home early and . . . then there was just one kid left.  She wanted to hit every house on the block with the porch light left on.

As we walked along the dimly lit sidewalk, hand in hand wrapped in our coats as the rain drizzled on us  we talked about our favorite candy and what costume she was going to wear next year and how she likes our neighbor Marie.  We stopped by the lavender house on the corner  with the white columns which led to the revelation that when she grows up she is going to have a pink house and live next door to me so I can watch her kids( Dandelion and Buttercup) while she goes shopping.  On the way home we stopped by the brick house with the nice lady who said to hello to us one day when we were walking by her house over the summer.  She put a few pieces of candy in the pink plastic pumpkin  and then said "God bless you" before she closed the door. As we walked down the sidewalk to go home she squeezed my hand and said "I love you, Mommy.  God bless you."  And I squeezed her hand back and said, "He already has."


  1. That is so precious. I am so glad you wrote that down. Love you guys. I can't believe how grown up your kids are!

  2. That is so precious. I am so glad you wrote that down. Love you guys. I can't believe how grown up your kids are!

  3. What a precious story. Hope Jackson is doing better and I sure do love and miss you all. Didn't go to the mountains this year but sure did miss ya'll on our trip last year. Love you so much. Give all hugs for me.
    Aunt P

  4. Aww.. love this.. she can come trick or treating with Jace next year!! Love you guys..