Sunday, September 28, 2014

John Turns 7

 John turned seven last month and this month he started first grade.  He was suppose to start the day before his birthday but school was delayed 2 weeks due to construction.
He was totally ok with that.

Instead of being cooped up at school he got to run around the park with his friends and eat smores cupcakes and talk about Plants v. Zombies and his favorite movies.

And I got to hang out with him all day instead just delivering cookies to his class.  We went on a mommy & me date to Walmart to shop for a special toy.  But instead of picking out the 2 toys we agreed upon, he picked out one small toy and  then walked over to the home section.   We looked at fun throw pillows.  We both liked the velvety white one and then instead of getting a second toy he asked if he could get the velvety white throw pillow.  Then he handed it to me and said he wanted me to have it for his birthday.

He continues to amaze me with his sweetness and thoughtfulness.   As he grows he is becoming more patient  and calm.  He still likes to climb walls, and gives hugs with a running start and he still loves Spiderman.  Hello, Halloween.  We're ready for you.

He still has so so much energy and constantly forgets to change out of his church clothes before he climbs the fence to grab our neighbors berries.  Sorry, neighbors, those berries are just too appealing.

 He still loves sitting in the back yard digging a hole with his favorite stick and  making up new games to share.

And of course he still says the funniest things.  A few weeks ago I when I was washing dishes he  saddled up to the kitchen sink. He was holding a lego man and using the counter as a make shift launch pad.

     "Mom,  when I get married do I have to change my last  name?"

 "No.  Usually it's your wife who will change her last name after you get married."  I replied as I put the last dish away.

      "Oh man!"  He exclaimed.  "I wanted to change my last name!"

       "Really? What did you want to change it to?"  I asked curiously.

        "Johnny Fufu."  He said as serious as can be.

 "Hmm...Well, I guess that is something you will have to discuss with your wife."  I said trying to unsuccessfully stifle  a smile which is REALLY, REALLY hard to do with this kid.

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  1. This makes me miss y'all so bad. John- you are growing up too fast...slow down...Late Happy Birthday.. Nanna loves you (hug)