Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This year Cardi decided to forego orchestra and put her heart and soul into chorus.  I'll admit I was  slightly disappointed  that we wouldn't be careening to our near deaths at   Dollywood in the spring.  I had plans to master the roller coaster with lots of lamaze breathing but then that girl of ours had her first chorus concert last night and I forgot all about orchestra and roller coasters.

Despite the fact that we arrived late,  Meredith had no shoes, John was wearing my red socks on his arms in lieu of a jacket, and Bella was frantically trying to finish her homework  I was glad I got to listen to that sweet child of mine belt out tune after tune.  Even though just minutes before I was seriously contemplating whether bringing all the kids during dinner time for a twenty minute concert while James was away was really a good idea. 

Especially, because that sweet two year old of ours insisted on climbing over every seat in the theater whether they were occupied at the time or not.  I felt a lot of cold stares and more than annoyed glares coming my way.  But you know what?  Even though that baby girl of mine jumped up and down and tried to grab the camera numerous times and annoyed every single person around us,  I was glad I decided to load up the kids and sit through the drama that is sometimes parenthood. 

You'll be happy to know, I have bought another pair of shoes for my wiley 2 year old.  The second pair in less than a week.  I think whatever that mysterious force is that leaves us with only one unmatched sock has graduated to toddler shoes.

This kid  shivered all the way to the concert.
And because I have finally gotten around to posting again, I'll throw in a few more photos because you're such good sports like a  picture of my pioneer girl and that oversugared baby of ours on "Nerd" day

P.S.  Welcome to the family, Aaron!


  1. I've loved catching up with your cute family. Love the scribble on the windows ... sort of ... boy, don't we have plenty of taggers in our family :)
    And we recently tried a few "southern living" apple recipes too. Hence the need of a treadmill ... or angioplasty :)

    Thanks for your sweet validation on my blog. There are times where it seems hard to know where to focus the energy, especially with so many folks to tend to. But I do value the "relationships" built by communicating with fantastic women all over the world :)

    1. Awww...Thanks, Marlowe! My oldest girls have started reading your blog as well. They love to see what other kids are up to (and sometimes I think they wish they lived with those more other normal families!). I agree that it is so hard to know where to focus our energy but I'm glad you take the time to write your thoughts and impart your wisdom. I get so much out of it. It's like meeting up with a good friend and be reminding that you're not alone in this beautiful journey called motherhood.

  2. What cute pictures! I am not sure how you do it especially when James is away. You certainly get the "Mother of the Year Award."

    1. Ha! Ha! You should of seen me on Friday. I was doing everything I told my kids not to do like running with scissors trying to chase John down to cut his hair. I'll have to post some pictures later! Hope Courtney has mended!