Thursday, July 12, 2012

Guest Blogger Bella's Birthday

Hey!  It's me.  Bella!  Guess what today is?  Yep.  It's my birthday!  So Mom said I could be a guest blogger to tell you all about it!  I even get to starting publishing my stories here at Five Little Moberlys! 

                                Heh - heh .Look at us in Books a million . It's like a library . Unless you  bring      my brothers.

                                Swimming is my favorite sport . Diving boards , noodles , water,and all .

                                       Jackson made a friend ,and John was silly.

                                   hehehehe . I should be a supermodel for food advertisments .

                     And there's my awesome dad / genius chef .
                 And down, as you can see , is my amazing mom / famous blogger .

                             I got a Lala Loopsey for my birthday . I named her Sar'hi . After a bff off mine .
                                      I made a wish . I don't know if it will happen , but someday it probably will .
 I'm Bella Moberly, a pie loving , weird  , dramatic girly girl. Happy b-day to me .

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  1. i loved your comments & pix bella. you did a really great job. i see you are like your great uncle norm....he prefers pie for his birthday too instead of cake. next month we are celebrating his 60th with some friends & family. we will have apple pie, cherry pie, & peach pie. hope you had a great birthday. love to your family, great aunt linda