Friday, June 8, 2012

Random Pictures and Thoughts for the Week

Last Day of School

James pitched the family tent in the backyard on the last day of school.  We ate McDonald's and ice cream, stayed up talking about summer and then James and the kids slept in the tent while I slept inside with Meredith where it was nice and comfortable and very quiet (except for the neighbor's noisy kids  camping out in the back yard).  (  =

It's our new tradition.  I love it...

Garden News

Our little garden has grown quite a lot.  It used to look like this.

Now, it looks like this.

We harvested our first zucchini on Tuesday.

Venus Transit

The Venus Transit occurred on Tuesday and won't be seen again for another century.  So, James made a pinhole camera using an old box. 

Even though we weren't able to actually see the Venus Transit, it was a wonderful opportunity to gather together. 

Some people weren't quite as interested as others...

We used our orange plate to represent the sun and the brownies to represent Venus which really would only be a crumb if we were being to scale so we ate the brownies to be more realistic.

Young Women

These are my Beehives.  I love them!  The Miamaids and Laurels went on the Pioneer Trek this week, so we had a planning meeting during Mutal and made oreo truffles.  I'm so excited for Cardi to turn 12 next year.  Then she gets to hang out with these totally wonderful young women.

Summer Recipes

 Each summer we set goals we want to accomplish over the summer (more on that later).  One of mine is to cook as little as possible.  I did however make these delicious stuffed peppers yesterday. 

I'll share the recipe next week.

Until then, stay cool. 

Oh and I am suppose to make sure I tell you that Cardi took this picture.


  1. Love your garden!!! It is so nice to have fresh veggies in the summer time. Please share you stuff pepper recipe soon. :)

  2. Enjoyed this post so much and yes please do share that receipe. Miss you my friend. Ms. Portia