Saturday, October 16, 2010

Family Outing

So, not much has happened in the last month or so.  Cardi and Bella joined Girl Scouts (Cardi has since decided she doesn't want to go).  Bella is continuing to work on her book.  She has 43 pages so far!  Meredith had hand, foot, mouth disease...not to be confused with "foot in mouth" disease.    She is pulling herself up and getting into everything!  Last week she crawled into the dryer while I was loading it.  By the huge grin on her face she thought she was very clever!  She has several new teeth on top.  Jackson and John are enjoying preschool but we haven't had it for the last 2 weeks on Friday because we can't seem to all be healthy at the same time.  The boys and I had lunch with Cardi a week ago and now Jackson is very excited to go to school.  They were both a big hit in the lunchroom...John wore his spiderman costume and Jackson was a mighty dragon.  The kindergartens especially loved it!  Cardi lost 2 teeth.  I have rearranged our house for the hundredth time...when I finally get it the way I want it, it will probably be time to move!  (sigh) 
We have been soooo busy with just the mundane things in life that we have been to busy to do much of anything else.  Today we finally got some much needed family time together.  We packed up and headed to the University of Tennessee Arboretum which is just a short drive from our house.  The arboretum was great but  I really miss the Finch Arboretum in Spokane and of course Manito Gardens...Oh and Marilyn's doughnuts...alas no Doughnut Fest for us...But  James and I actually got to talk for a few minutes without interruption as the kids walked a head of us (unless you count Meredith who was in the back pack and screeching...very loudly).  But it is probably as close as we are going to get to hanging out alone at least for a while.  But we did have  a LOT of fun!  We took a lot of photos...the "dirt" on John's face is actually a chocolate brownie he had right before we left.  (  = 

Our cute, cute Meredith!

We had LOTS of fun!!!

John was having lots of fun collecting acorns!

Cardi and John leading the way!

Who couldn't LOVE these faces?

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